Crop Protection

Contributing to plant health in the US and beyond

NISSO AMERICA, INC is the North American subsidiary of NIPPON SODA Co., Ltd. (NISSO), a leading Japanese manufacturer of crop protection products based in Tokyo, Japan.  With a foundation of strong Research & Development, Nippon Soda has been creating innovative and unique active ingredients for agricultural crop protection for nearly 50 years. 

NISSO’s products have successfully obtained registrations globally and are reliable tools for farmers, providing control of yield-robbing pests and diseases.  Our products have passed stringent testing and are registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Pest Management Regulatory Agency in Canada.

NISSO AMERICA manages all aspects of regulatory affairs, development, supply chain, and sales and marketing in the US and Canada.  Working closely with our strong and reliable group of regional distribution partners, we provide valuable crop protection solutions to American and Canadian farmers, thus contributing to a secure and sustainable global food supply.

Registered Active Ingredients

  • Acetamiprid – Insecticide; (US and Canada)
  • Cyflufenamid – Fungicide; (US)
  • Hexythiazox – Acaricide; (US)
  • Picarbutrazox – Fungicide; (US and Canada)
  • Sethoxydim – Herbicide; (US and Canada)
  • Tebufenozide – Insecticide; (US and Canada)
  • Thiophanate-methyl – Fungicide; (US and Canada)
  • Triflumizole – Fungicide; (US)