About Nisso

Nisso America Incorporated (NAI), located in Edison, NJ, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIPPON SODA Co., Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan.  With sales offices throughout the world and manufacturing sites in multiple continents, Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. strives to maintain a global footprint with a local presence.

NAI was started in 1986 to facilitate the sales, marketing, importing, and distribution of chemicals produced by NIPPON SODA to the North America market.  The company has expanded from basic chemicals to agricultural products, ingredients for pharmaceuticals and food, as well as specialty chemicals for the formulation of rubbers, plastics, thermal inks, and countless other products used in everyday life.  As of 2019, NAI began handling the products of MSSA S.A.S., an acquisition of NIPPON SODA that produces industrial chemicals focusing on alkali metals, chlorides, and other raw materials.

The core of NAI’s business is the supply of high-performance, versatile chemicals and pharmaceutical products, as well as the authorization and distribution of sustainable and effective agrochemical products, which include NIPPON SODA’s proprietary active ingredients.