Industrial Chemicals

Alkali Metals and Vanadium Based Catalysts for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

NISSO AMERICA is the North American supplier of various products produced by its sister company, MSSA Chemical Company (formerly known as Metaux Speciaux), based in Pombliere, France.  In 2012, NIPPON SODA acquired 100% of MSSA and as of February 1, 2019, NISSO AMERICA began handling the distribution of MSSA’s products to North America.

Sodium Metal produced by MSSA is available in various packaging, from small size doses to large ingots, as well as bulk drums and ISO containers.  Packaging for other products varies, so please inquire with NISSO AMERICA about your requirements. 

MSSA is committed to high quality production, environmental conservation, and providing technical assistance for safe handling of all products.  NISSO AMERICA utilizes its strategic logistic know how and vast knowledge of North American regulations to ensure customer satisfaction on all deliveries. 

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